Why Choose Insulated Garage Doors?

With the continual increase in the price of domestic energy, many householders are looking at increased ways in which to reduce their energy consumption.

Generally speaking, most people automatically think of adding more loft insulation, replacing windows and doors or even simply turning the central heating down a few degrees. These measures are all good and well where the symptoms are obvious such as drafts and rattling doors.

Should your home feature an attached garage, the one area that will undoubtedly have been overlooked will be the garage doors. Forming the largest break in a building structure, the opening to the garage space is literally pouring money out. This is because traditional forms of steel garage doors offer no insulation value whatsoever.

Consider this. If the heat can get out, the cold can surely get in. It`s like a cycle that cannot be broken unless a barrier is place in its way.

For this reason, many garage door manufacturers now produce thermally efficient doors that will significantly reduce energy bills and also increase security for little more than the cost of a new television.

Insulated garage doors are available in a wide range of designs. In fact many insulated sectional garage door designs are indistinguishable from traditional wooden door styles but hidden inside the door panel is the most up to date and technologically advanced insulation that is acting as a barrier to the elements.

In recent years, the U.S. has seen a growth in the amount of doors of this type being installed into properties. The 2 popular choices are the simple to operate and space saving insulated roller doors and the other being the ultra thermally efficient insulated sectional garage door.

While an insulated roller garage door offers a compact door roll that takes up very little space inside the garage, the insulation levels a limited somewhat. The upside to this is that additional storage space can be gained inside the garage ceiling where the door panel no longer slides as the door opens. The reverse is seen with insulated sectional garage doors. Energy efficiency as low as 1w/m2K but the down side is the door retracts back inside the garage costing storage space.

With this in mind, remember that both door types feature a trade off in performance and space. While both door types will cost similar amounts of money and offer many of the same benefits such as vertical lift (allows homeowners to park the car directly by the door and still be able to access the garage space), automation, range of sizes and color options etc the final decision often down to personal preference.

When looking to make the change to a more thermally efficient insulated door, you best option is to look online where you will find many retailers offering both insulated sectional and insulated roller garage doors online at discount prices. Supplied with full installation instructions and very simple to fit, there really is no longer an excuse to allow money to be wasted unnecessarily.