Interior Design and Decorating Tips for Your Home

Tips For Decorating Your Home

Buying a new home is an exciting experience. Whether it is your first new home or you are simply making a change, it is a fresh start and an opportunity for something brand new. It would be easy to bring your current decorations and accessories with you, but it is far more fun to create some brand new character in your new home. There are lots of ways to decorate your new home without spending a lot of money or even needing a building permit.

The Kitchen

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Assuming your kitchen appliances, cabinets, walls, and floor are already what you want, you can create a new look with some simple accessories. You can add a country detail by matting and framing seed packets from your local garden center. Hang them in a neat array or scatter them about the room. Floral dishes and matching curtains and dish towels will continue the effect. You may choose one or two colors to create a theme or use many different colors for a bright, happy kitchen.

The Dining Room

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Even if your new dining room is small, you will want it to be something special; after all, your family will likely spend time here almost every day. You may treat it as an extension of your kitchen, continuing the theme you have chosen, or you can make it a room of its own. A modern glass top table is accented with a shimmery candle centerpiece; for something more traditional, you may choose solid wood furniture and simple sconces on the wall. Dining room chair slip covers make great decorative accents that can be changed seasonally so you can have a new look whenever you like.

The Living Room

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Once upon a time, the living room was kept pristine for the sake of entertaining guests. Today, the living room is truly a living space. As you decide how to decorate it, you must first decide how the room will be used. Is this a place to watch sports on the weekends, curl up with a great book, or play board games with the kids? Your answer will decide the slant you will take with your decor. A room centered around the television will benefit from a large entertainment center where you can display your DVDs, sports memorabilia, and the like. A room that is used more for a den will look beautiful with book shelves full of your favorite classics, and shelves on the bottom reserved for your family’s favorite games.

The Powder Room

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Your powder room or primary bathroom is used every day, by family and often by guests. You want it to be warm and inviting. Soft colors and framed art dress up the walls, while coordinating guest towels look great against the painted or tiled walls. The rug should match the colors of the towels and the colors in your artwork; framed art may be whimsical, cute, or classic. Finish the decor with simple curtains that do not overwhelm the room but are effective in granting privacy.

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