Become accustomed to a custom made door

It’s a well known fact that people will often make their mind up about a property before they’ve even stepped inside, so whether you’re looking to sell your property or just want to give it a facelift, the exterior is the place to start.

One way that you can quickly, easily and cheaply give your house a revamp is by changing its exterior doors. Whatever budget you’re on, it’s now possible to buy a new front door for a relatively low cost, but sadly the most readily available front doors tend to be fairly bland and standardized. Worse still is that unless you want to spend ages slogging round antiques fairs and bric-a-brac shops in a vain attempt to find a door that fits your frames, you could quite easily end up thinking that the aforementioned bland doors are your only option.

But it’s not all doom and gloom – the good news is that it has never been easier or cheaper to buy custom built exterior doors for your home. Thanks to the internet and the recent boom in bespoke furniture, you can now design your own exterior doors with a minimum of effort, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover just what a low cost endeavor it can be.

When designing your door you’ll probably want to stick to one of the tried and trusted tropes that have been in use for centuries, such as glazed doors, paneled doors and solid doors, but if you decide you want a more exotic design then you’re only limited by your imagination. Unless it’s a front door, you’d be wise to consider a half or fully glazed design, as this will let more light into your rooms without compromising on security (provided, of course, that you choose the right kind of glass). It’s also worth noting that creating your own custom built exterior doors is especially advantageous if your property features irregular openings, as it’s going to be very hard to find ‘off the peg’ doors to fit these spaces anyway.

Once you’ve figured out what style of door you want, the next thing to consider is what material you want your door to be made from. In this case I’d always recommend going for a timber design, as it will be far more durable and secure than a plastic or polymer based door. Wooden frames will hold glass much more securely and keep burglars at bay far longer, so it really would be folly not to have at least your front door made from wood.

If you’re interested in finding out about custom made doors, then the website of a company called Parson’s Joinery is a good place to get more information and view some of the designs available.

Of course your choice of front door will largely be down to personal taste. One of the great boons for the modern door buyer is that nowadays you can cheaply create custom made doors. This means the only thing you’re really limited by is the size of the space your door has to fit in – almost everything else: materials, colors, designs, can be made to your own personal specifications. However, regardless of your own specific preferences, it’s always worth making sure that your choice of door suits the style of your property – there’s nothing more jarring than seeing a modern door on a period property or vice versa and it will instantly get visitors or potential buyers asking questions about your taste.

There are two other things you’ll also need to think about when choosing an exterior door – the level of security it offers and how weather proof it is. Again, this is where it’s advantageous to choose a custom made door, as they offer you the ability to design your door to meet your exact requirements.

Although interior doors aren’t as important in terms of making a first impression, they still play a big role in shaping the aesthetic feel of your house, and custom made doors again allow you to create pieces that perfectly suit your interior design scheme. Interior doors’ functionality in terms of retaining heat and stopping draughts is also something you should consider, as their design can add value to your property and save you valuable pound in utility bills.